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Red clay fumigation for general distribution

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For general distribution(DYB-500)

│ Description │

High-quality red clay was subject to plasticity for 20 hours.
It is a hand-made and carefully designed product.

For general distribution red clay far infrared radiation-dry and wet heat chair.

In the past, our ancestors cooked by burning firewood. In the process, far infrared radiation became available naturally. This gave me an idea to develop a red clay far infrared radiation heat chair. I worked for a long time and went through many trials and errors. In August 2006, I received a manufacture and item permit as a medical appliance.

│ DOOYOUNG differentiates │

What makes a red clay far infrared radiation dry and wet heat chair special?

-The product for general distribution can be better praised for sales.
-It is for people who long for full efficacy of oriental medicine.
-When applying it as a wet type, the medicine will soak deep inside the body to remove women's diseases and abdominal fat.
-Fumigation will become better as good medicinal materials and steams are added.
-Red clay products to not emit environmental hormones. They do not harm to human bodies and are hand-made.
-The bowl is large and you can put many materials. It is easy to wash.
-Mobility and usage are convenient.
-Burning mugwort (smoking) is also good.
-This has a permit for medical appliances.
-Ergonomic design makes comfortable fumigation and easy

│ How to use │

How can I use DOOYOUNG's red clay far infrared radiation dry and wet heat chair?

1. Connect the power.
2. Wet type-pour water, about a half of the cup capacity and soak the tea bag.
3. Dry type-place the dry container into the heat chair
4. Adjust temperature with volumes.
5. It will be good to use it 1-2 times a day, 30-40 minutes (depending on personal differences)
6. When the medicinal material boils, open the lid and massage your face.
7. Upon fumigation, when it is hot, close the wet type container lid before fumigation.
8. Upon fumigation, wear a gown and receive the oriental medicine fully over your whole body.
9. When the water is removed and the material is burned while you use it, cool the container and wash it.
10. The hourly electric cost is about 60 Won.

│ Characteristics and effects │

*Red clay and far infrared radiation
*Ergonomic design
*Health promotion

│ Specification │

Manufacturer DOOYOUNG Item name Red clay furnace
Model DYB-500 Power source and
consumption power
220V, 110V x 950w
Weight 13kg Standards 380 x 380 x 420 mm
(the actual size is almost similar
to that of a toilet bowl.)
Registration editorimg
Test result DOOYOUNG is a company which has obtained a permit and GMP for medical appliances.
Test result of the radiation rate of a red clay furnace far infrared radiation
Testing organization: Korea Institute of Construction Materials
*91.9% of far infrared radiation in a red clay furnace has been proved.
(Photo below)

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Red clay fumigation for general distribution

Red clay fumigation for general distribution

Red clay fumigation for general distribution

Red clay fumigation for general distribution