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Great many people living in the modern society want to escape from the polluted city life and return to nature.
DOOYOUNG is specialized in manufacturing far infrared emitting heat chair and pelvis-correcting massage heat chair using oriental herbs and natural hwangto (red clay) under the corporate philosophy of putting top priority on human health.

Products of DOOYOUNG have completed the Korean safety certification for medical instrument and Japanese PSE certification.
Fumigation by sitz bath is an alternative medicine as well as unique culture of Korea.
Heat Chair is designed to use in dry or wet method by utilizing hwangto and far infrared ray in scientific ways. It is available in family use and business use. About 10 different medicinal herbs are contained in a tea bag, and there are 4 different tea bags on offer; gynecology, leukorrhea, menstrual pain and diet.
Gynecological diseases (leukorrhea, menstrual pain, urinary incontinence, cystitis, infertility, etc) are hard to cure even with modern science. Large number of women who used the heat chair are satisfied with the result. DOOYOUNG has participated in many national/international exhibitions. In addition to Hwangto Heat Chair, the company has developed a new heat chair that for correction of pelvis, massage and sitz bath at the same time. The new product is ideal for recovery of fatigue for people living in the modern society. The device is so smart as to have adjustable back rest, massage around the back and neck, and correct the pelvis at the same time. The product can be widely used for postnatal care centers, oriental medicinal clinics, hospitals, skin care shops, beauty shops and offices as well as for those who suffer from incorrect posture.

Detailed Company Information

  • Company NameDoo
  • Business TypeManufacturer
  • Year Established1999
  • LocationSouth Korea
  • Main MarketsChina,Japan,U.S.A
  • Total Employees 1-50 People
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  • PresidentCheul Ho, Baek
  • Phone+82-53-985-6939
  • FAX+82-53-985-6940
  • AddressBang Chon-ro 1-gil 48 Dong-gu Daegu-city Korea
  • Product Category Construction & Real Estate > Bathroom & Kitchen Fixtures & Fittings
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    Health & Medical > Other Health Care Products